BCA Oil Spill Client Update - March 15, 2013

Overview of the BP Liability Trial

BP Trial Daily Transcripts :

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We are now entering the third week of the ongoing BP Liability trial in New Orleans. We have been following the case closely on a daily basis and would like to offer you a brief summary of what has happened, what we expect to happen over the remainder of the trial, and most importantly, what it all means for your claim.

First of all, it’s important to understand what this trial is and is not about. This trial is strictly about determining which parties are liable for the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion and ensuing oil spill. BP and the other defendants (Transocean, Halliburton, etc) are presenting arguments to Judge Barbier, who will then determine to what extent each defendant was responsible for the accident. Ultimately, we expect that Judge Barbier will rule that BP is predominantly at fault, but that the other defendants also hold a percentage of the liability. Regardless of Judge Barbier’s decision, his ruling and this trial will have no impact on the value of your case. It is simply to determine what portions of the overall money paid out to claimants will be covered by each defendant.

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Meanwhile, our firm is still working on two separate paths to get claims resolved. The first path is the continued submission of claims to the settlement fund. We are submitting claims to the Deepwater Horizon Economic Claims Center for all eligible class members who elected not to opt out of the class settlement. This process has, unfortunately, been quite similar to our experiences dealing with the GCCF. The DHECC still moves painfully slow and often avoids or delays paying claims by requesting more and more documentation, arbitrarily labeling files as incomplete or simply stashing claims in an “under review” file for months on end. We have been in touch with class administrators and are working tirelessly to get these delays resolved in order to recover your compensation as quickly as possible.

For all claimants who are ineligible for the class settlement or chose to opt out of the class settlement, we have submitted their OPA presentment prior to the January 20th deadline. BP then has 90 days from the submission to review and respond to the presentment. In lieu of a satisfactory offer from BP, our next step will be to file suit in the appropriate jurisdiction after the 90 day window has expired and prior to the April 20th Statute of Limitations deadline.

Should we receive any movement on the status of your claim, members of our team will contact you immediately and advise you how to proceed. In the meantime, please visit our client website, www.bcaoilspillclients.com, for the latest news and information.

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